Frequently asked questions

What is the currency in Norway and is it possible to pay with bank cards?

The Norwegian Krone – NOK is the currency of Norway. The exchange rate varies constantly, but is close to 8 NOK / 1 Euro. It is not possible to use euros in Norway, but almost everywhere it is possible to use bank cards, or withdraw cash from ATMs. In practice you will not need Norwegian Krones because euros are used for the payment of everything in the camp.

Is the passport necessary?

A valid ID card is sufficient.

What is the duration of the journey?

We start out every Friday in the early morning at about 2:00 from Bratislava. It is roughly 1,000km to Rostock (Germany) where we board a ferry boat. The ferry boat starts out at 15:00 and the cruise takes 6 hours. We disembark in Trelleborg (Sweden) at 21:00 and arrive in Garten on Saturday, and accommodation is from 14:00.

When will we come home?

We start out from Garten on Saturday at about 14:00. On Sunday in the morning at 8:00 we board a ferry boat in Trelleborg. We disembark in Rostock at 13:30 and return to Bratislava on Sunday at about midnight.

Is it possible to sleep on ferry?

The ferry crossing there and back takes approximately 6 hours. We do recommend using the time for sleeping in cabins which can be purchased additionally. The price of each cabin is cca 42,-EUR for max. 4 persons. Cabins are equipped with shower cabins and toilettes. Towels and bath towels are in cabins.

What is not included in the price of tour?

The price of tour does not include the fuel which is used for boating during the fishing. We have available 2 boats for 6-7 persons + a guide. Each time at the end of trip, we calculate the petrol consumption, and divide it into the number of fishermen in the relevant cycle. On the average it is from 40 to 80,-EUR per person. The price does not include tease, baits, fishing clothing and fish hook for deep-water fishing, which can be leased.

What amount of cash will I need?

It is up to everyone how much you will take, but it will be necessary to have cca 200-300,- EUR to pay the petrol which is used for boating there. On the average it is from 40 to 80,- EUR/ person. Teases or baits, or the leasing of fish hooks and fishing clothing is not included in the price of tour.


We take meals with us for the whole stay. We transport the meals in the frozen condition or chilled in boxes in which we will transport fish on the journey home. There is a fully equipped kitchen including utensils so there is no problem with cooking. We will advise what and how much to take with you before the departure. Fish is consumed very frequently. For the outward-and-return journey itself it is necessary to take food products because on the journey there is not enough time for restaurants.

Is it possible to buy something there?

Certainly, we will stop in Brekstad shops on the journey home. We will advise you on the spot what is worth buying and what is not. In fact during the week we have no time for shopping, only in the case of unfavourable weather when it is not possible to go fishing. The nearest shop from Garten is 10 km.


Each cottage has 3 separate bedrooms. Two triple and one double room with complete bedlinen, so it is not necessary to bring anything.

Are children allowed to catch fish?

Children travel with us too, and if they are without parents, it is always upon personal agreement. For the security, children are aboard with a guide even when they are with the parents, but naturally, it is possible to agree on the spot, mainly if they are older children.

What fish hooks shall I take?

You must certainly take one spinning rod of cca 150g and as long as possible, cca 3 – 3.30m long. A medium sized troll on which you will have roughly a 300m cable with the diameter of 0.20 – 0.25 mm. Not plastic!!! We lease other fish hooks for deep-water fishing including multipliers. The price is 40,-EUR for the whole stay.

Teases and baits. What shall I take?

We have all teases and baits on the spot for prices which are usual in Slovakia. You do not need to buy anything as it happens that what you bring is not suitable in the current conditions, and then it is only a waste of money.

Is shore fishing possible?

For the entire period of the stay we catch fish on board, but there are places where it is possible to catch fish from the shore. In the shore area there are many fish and it is smaller. There are mainly shallow waters. We will discuss details on the spot.

Where will we process fish? Can we take it home?

The laws of Norway permit to take 15kg of fillets + one specimen fish per person. After catching we process them in the fillet house which is directly at the sea. It is covered and fully equipped for this purpose. We have a large fillet table with water and freezers where we freeze the fish so that we can take it home. There are lots of freezers and we also have a smoking house available where we smoke mainly mackerels. Everyone must have fillet knives!

Where will we freeze fish?

We have lots of freezing boxes in the fillet house where we freeze the fish we have caught which is intended for transport home. Another freezing box is in each cottage (for foodstuffs) + a fridge. Everyone must have his/her own boxes for fish (polystyrene cca 40-50 litre. Those which are sold in the Metro network are the best)

What clothes and shoes shall I take?

For the travel please wear something comfortable. We will not analyze the underwear, but fishing as such requires something warm, waterproof and storm-proof. If you do not have it, you can borrow such clothes from us. We have all sizes and they also have a swim vest. The price is 40,- EUR for the whole stay. Warm waterproof shoes min. above the ankles. Also warm fishing waders are suitable. A hat, a cap, neoprene gloves – mainly in the spring, sunglasses and a sufficient amount of warm socks.. knee-socks are the best. Wear a basic layer under the fish clothes like for skiing, and something warm as a second layer, fleeces, tracksuits, etc. And do not forget your slippers for movement in the cottage. Towels, bath towels and bedlinen are available for everyone in the lodging-house.

Can I take a PC? Is wifi there?

There is wifi in the entire camp.